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Fishing Ireland was founded by Oisin, a lifelong angler with a deep love for Ireland’s fishing traditions. Oisin’s passion for the country’s rich fishing culture drives our mission to provide a platform that caters to both seasoned fishers and curious novices.


At Fishing Ireland, we aim to serve as a repository of information, ensuring that your fishing journey in Ireland is truly legendary. We acknowledge that every angler seeks different experiences, whether it be the thrill of catching a prized fish or the peacefulness of immersing oneself in the Irish landscape. It is our mission to help you discover the magic of angling in Ireland.

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Our website offers a diverse range of content, including articles, guides, tips, and curated experiences. We strive to present accurate and up-to-date information, providing insights into hidden freshwater gems, as well as the vast expanse of the Atlantic playground for fishing enthusiasts.


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